Is he a god? Is he insane?
No! He’s the Eleatian Philosopher!
A strange visitor from across the waves
he has come to our city to fight for
And the Athenian way!

Demystifying art: Afterword

Is this really new observation? As far as I know nobody has drawn a parallel between mystical views on artistic inspiration and treating art as an inherent good. On the other hand graphic artist, writers, animators and much more often work with clearly defined goals. In particular artist working in the fields of advertising, propaganda…

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Demystifying art part 1

Recently I have been reflecting on the differences and parallels between ancient and modern meanings of the word art. The word was first used in Ancient Rome to mean practical skill and was derived an abbreviation of the Greek artizein meaning to prepare. The scope of this early definition covered everything from chariot driving to…

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