Songs or albums?

I suspect that there are two primary audiences of music. One is people who listen to short songs individually while the other is people who prefer a series of longer pieces such as a symphony or concept album. The first category is what dominates the folk, pop and rap charts while the second is dominant…

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Is he a god? Is he insane?
No! He’s the Eleatian Philosopher!
A strange visitor from across the waves
he has come to our city to fight for
And the Athenian way!

Computer myths – part 1

Nobody specialises

Everyone who works with computers has encountered this misconception in real life. There are a lot of things that can be done with a computer. You can create books, animations 2D and 3D, music, crunch numbers from a scientific experiment and more. Nobody has time to learn all of this. Nonetheless if you program or maintain computers for a living you are expected to know how to do everything. All you can do is guess quickly.

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