Is he a god? Is he insane?
No! He’s the Eleatian Philosopher!
A strange visitor from across the waves
he has come to our city to fight for
And the Athenian way!

Computer myths – part 1

Nobody specialises

Everyone who works with computers has encountered this misconception in real life. There are a lot of things that can be done with a computer. You can create books, animations 2D and 3D, music, crunch numbers from a scientific experiment and more. Nobody has time to learn all of this. Nonetheless if you program or maintain computers for a living you are expected to know how to do everything. All you can do is guess quickly.

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Exoplanet-3: Chapter 3

Botany report, 57 days after landing Since we have arrived on this planet there has been a persistent mystery of how a jungle can have so little oxygen. Our investigations into this have identified that most of what we first identified as plants do not produce oxygen… Email from Tane Wakanui to George Howard, 64…

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