The King’s torture

The following scene came to me under unusual circumstances. It might eventually be integrated into a larger story but this is all for now. Though shackled The Hero stood proud and resolute, ready for what ever The King was preparing. He had already been cut, burned and worse in his training. What difference was it…

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Christchurch Snakes

The new trend amongst students in Christchurch was taking selfies with snakes. Nobody asked how the snakes came to New Zealand or why so many were comfortable with one sitting on their shoulders. As students graduated the snakes spread. Hospital departments competed over who had the largest constrictor, law firms adopted serpentine logos, public libraries…

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Is he a god? Is he insane?
No! He’s the Eleatian Philosopher!
A strange visitor from across the waves
he has come to our city to fight for
And the Athenian way!

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Exoplanet-3: Chapter 3

Botany report, 57 days after landing Since we have arrived on this planet there has been a persistent mystery of how a jungle can have so little oxygen. Our investigations into this have identified that most of what we first identified as plants do not produce oxygen… Email from Tane Wakanui to George Howard, 64…

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Exoplanet-3: Chapter 1

Our worst fears surrounding the colonisation of an unexplored planet have been proven false. Exoplanet-3 does exist and is of similar mass to Earth. The atmosphere’s CO2 is too high to breath safely for an extended period but we came prepared for that. What we didn’t anticipate is that the nearest thing to land the cartographers can find is the polar ice caps.

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