Written while listening to Sunn O)))

(Specifically inspired by the song Between Sleipnir’s Breaths from their album Life Metal)

As I descended ever deeper into the mountain tunnels the flame of my torch began to flicker under the power of a breeze not felt upon my skin. Deeper yet and it’s light though bright as ever did not pierce the darkness so deeply. My bones vibrated, my heart raced wildly fingers shook as something beyond simple curiosity compelled me to delve ever on. At another of so many stone junctions the flame leaped with violent force as I fell to the floor unconscious.

Thoughts and theorising gave way to visions. A king upon an eight legged horse. Infinitely petalled flowers. Places hidden beneath the Earth and beyond the stars. Glimpses of the universe’s true dimensions twisting away at right angles to all directions counted by sane men.

When I came to the terrible force had been replaced by music. No, not replaced… The force was the music! I simply had not learned to listen. A deep rumbling, far lower than any choir of bass singers or a cathedral organ held a joyous harmony coming from the carved walls all around. An echo of the mountains roots singing to themselves.

I ventured forth with burnt out torch behind and discarded. There was no need for it. This music more ancient than men gave all the sight I needed.

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