Trains People chapter 1 – Extremely early draft

The following is an extremely early draft an experiment with writing magic-free fantasy. Words written Like-This are place holders for actual names.

It took The-Scout several minutes to understand what he was looking at. He stood atop the peak of a mountain, below him the forest showing its first autumnal colours. Below that was the road his Wagon-Train took through the mountains twice a year. Further along the road lay the remains of The-Alpine-Bridge. Until now it had been amongst the marvels of ancient engineering. Wide enough for five Wagon-Pulling-Mammoths to cross comfortably and so long it took them half a day.

His task was to check the road for obstacles like fallen trees and look to the distant mountains for signs of early snow. Map-Keeper, the nearest thing the train had to a chief, was known for fairness and even temper but the thought of telling that the pass was no more sickened The-Scout. Maps of the mountains separating the northern provinces from the rest of The-Empire were sparse in detail. The path will have its first major detour added in history. A detour that will delay them by weeks, maybe months! The other trains will have to be informed. Could a Wagon-Pulling-Mammoth even walk the other roads?

Finally pulling himself out of a quiet, motionless panic The-Scout nudged his horse turn around and start the journey back down the slope. He spent an hour looking for an apple tree. Through the summer he prepared to go without food and there was plenty for the horse to graze. Finding one he sorted through the fruits looking for what wasn’t over ripe or filled with worms. Like with most wild apples it was difficult to eat around the core and the flavour almost unbearably tart. Perfect for a few moments of distraction.

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