Mammoth Hunter: Somebody please make this movie!

Once again I am giving away a plot because I want to see how someone do it properly. If you produce the movie I outline below I promise I will not make any claim of intellectual property. I do however ask to please notify me of where I can see it.


The common pop culture depiction of a caveman is a brute. He has no capacity for planning, speaks in unintelligible grunts and solves all problems through brute strength. This is if anything the opposite of the truth. The success of early humans was a triumph of brains over brawn. I want to see a film illustrating that.

The protagonist is the sole survivor of a tribe attacked by wild animals (sabre-toothed lions?). He spent some time in the wilderness living by his wits before another tribe reluctantly adopted him.

To prove his worth in the new tribe and to avenge his previous he sets about formulating strategies to defend against and hunt animals far larger than a human. This leads to being renamed “Mammoth Hunter” and eventually usurping the tribal elders. From there though he becomes a tyrant and the strategies he developed are used to exile him.

This story arc loosely follows the life of Napoleon Bonaparte but film makers should not feel obligated to follow it slavishly. The emphasis is on the cunning of the protagonist and his role as both hero and villain.

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