The future of this site

So far the bulk of post in this blog have been in my series Epic of the week so I feel the need to add some clarification of both that and what I want to make this site into.

Epic of the week

In short EOTW is a project intended to correct two major problems with my writing. First, I have a bad habit of slowly writing many articles over months rather than just finishing one. The second is trying to be purely scientific when discussing matters of taste. This site is called Logical Imagination but there should be some room for emotion when discussing music!

For a song to be included in EOTW it must be:

  1. Approximately seven and a half minutes or more in length with distinct movements
  2. Loosely fit in with songs previously posted in this series (wide range of textures? Emphasis on atmosphere?)
  3. While also standing apart in some way (a new genre perhaps? A different lyrical theme?)

None of these rules are strict but please keep them in mind if you want to submit something. Also consider providing feedback. That way I can start to cater to an audience other than myself.

Logical Imagination in the coming months

Starting this week I intend to post on a much more active schedule. Wednesday will remain reserved for music reviews but on Monday and Friday I will be writing on other topics. These will likely include:

  • Film, book and comic/manga reviews
  • Articles on the history of genre’s (musical and other)
  • Commentary on as a phenomenon (the Logical side of Logical Imagination)
  • Original fiction
  • Links to other websites
  • Attempts at humour

As I alluded to above I have already outlined many posts  and partially filled out a few more. All I have to do now is force myself to complete two a week. If I also outline an articles regularly I should have at least a years worth of content.

Long term ambitions

The reason why I gave this blog its name is that I want to give the definitive proof that logical  and imaginative thinking are not opposites. The quick proof is to point at Science Fiction. What I want to do though is create a busy site dedicated to using those two things together. For this I will need regular commentators and perhaps some co-writers. I don’t know if I will ever get that far but it will be fun trying.

In the mean time though I should try to get a little more analysis into my music reviews and get something completely different together by this Friday.

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