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The Metal Archives


A.K.A Encyclopedia Metallum

This is a database of every metal band to have ever produced at least one album not matter how obscure and by far one of the most organised sites on the Internet. If a band isn’t in here it probably isn’t metal.

Notable features include:

  • Browse by sub-genre, country and name
  • Search by genre, band, album, song, lyrical themes and more
  • Album reviews
  • Song lyrics
  • Two fire fox search plugins

Map of metal


An interactive map of heavy metal genres with historical notes and sample songs. Highly recommended for people new to metal as a whole or looking to start listening to other styles.

The Prog Archives


While not nearly as neatly organised as its metal counterpart it is still an invaluable resource. In particular the editors have made a valiant effort to outline what sub-genres exist within what is essentially an anti-genre.

Progressive rock subreddit


Progressive metal subreddit


WARNING: Contains MetalCore.

Power metal subreddit


Folk metal subreddit


Progscape radio

A weekly three hour podcast of progressive rock, progressive metal, jazz, industrial and other oddities. Includes half an album every episode.

Live from Progzilla Towers


Another progressive rock podcast. This one is more narrowly focused on what fans of early 1970’s prog will enjoy but puts more emphasis on providing background information, interviews and interaction with the audience.

Death metal underground


While I am not a fan of fully-fledged death metal I find many of the essays on the history and psychology of metal music fascinating.

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