Exoplanet-3: Chapter 3

Botany report, 57 days after landing

Since we have arrived on this planet there has been a persistent
mystery of how a jungle can have so little oxygen. Our investigations into this have identified that most of what we first identified as plants do not produce oxygen

Email from Tane Wakanui to George Howard, 64 days after landing

The ship we are keeping nuclear waste in will not exist by the end of this year. To continue to use the reactors we must find a safe, cost effective location to bury the waste in. This is why I would like to hire you and to your team to explore the potential of the caves in the mountains.

Physiological report, 70 days after landing

Like the recently discovered non-oxygenating “plants” the “lemurs” lack any apparent reproductive organs

Personal diary of George Howard, 72 days after landing

Can I really assist in the polluting of this planet? Our home is destined for a greatness that can only be achieved within the biological sciences. I will most certainly explore the caves. I feel that there is something that must be discovered there.

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