Exoplanet-3: Chapter 1

Captains Log, Estimated time to Colonisation: 90 days

Our worst fears surrounding the colonisation of an unexplored planet have been proven false. Exoplanet-3 does exist and is of similar mass to Earth. The atmosphere’s CO2 is too high to breath safely for an extended period but we came prepared for that. What we didn’t anticipate is that the nearest thing to land the cartographers can find is the polar ice caps.

Captains Log, Estimated time to Colonisation: 75 days

Land! A single tropical archipelago formed around a long extinct volcano. What’s more it is covered a mixture of open fields and jungles! The cartography team have sent a drone carrying seismographic and chemical equipment to asses how likely the volcano is to erupt. Once a full report has been made on the feasibility of living on the ice caps and on the islands have been made the full population will be brought out of cryosleep to debate our strategy for settlement. Unless eruption is immanent support for the poles is unlikely.

Result of naming referendum

Postpone decision indefinitely: 66%
Earth-4: 18%
Oceania: 8%
Home: 5%
Water-World: 2%
Peter: 1%

Result of settlement referendum 1

Proposition 2 (Central dome halfway between harbour and volcanic cone, ): 82%
Proposition 1 (All domes located at harbour, ): 15%
Proposition 3 (Dig into hills, ): 3

Captains log, Day of Colonisation

This is my final entry. The main dome has been constructed and filled with breathable air. Temporary habitation has been built within it. The ship has been landed in the harbour and will become our primary supply of metals, fuel, plastics and glass as our settlement grows. I hereby give up my title to pursue a career in engineering.

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