Epic of the Week 10: Downfall and rebirth by Northland

WARNING: This song is considerably heavier than what I usually review.

Title: Downfall and rebirth
Band: Northland
Genre: Folk Metal / Melodic Death Metal

  • I am not a fan of traditional Death Metal but over the last year and a half I have become entranced by how well Melodic Death Metal can be combined with Folk Music.
  • This particular song is the title track an concept album in which the forces of nature fight back against human abuse.
  • For me the appeal of this sub-genre is that the growls and double-bass drumming become calming when combined with the traditional acoustic melodies. It is like having an army in my mind protecting me from the worries of the world beyond my imagination.
  • Northland are also a good example of the metal scenes meritocracy. This band are widely regarded around the world as one of Folk Metal’s based entirely on word of mouth, Internet rumours and self promotion.
  • I well understand that this post will not appeal to everyone. Please leave your thoughts, positive or negative, below.

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