Demystifying art: Afterword

Is this really new observation?

As far as I know nobody has drawn a parallel between mystical views on artistic inspiration and treating art as an inherent good.

On the other hand graphic artist, writers, animators and much more often work with clearly defined goals. In particular artist working in the fields of advertising, propaganda and religion.

So you don’t like things without a clear goal?

Not necessarily. People often make pleasant pieces with no particular goal. This is nice but usually forgettable.

On the other hand I occasionally watch films that are in every way a complete mess but has an idea or technique that would be worth while reusing elsewhere.

My subjectivity! You can’t say that!

If we accept art and technology being one and the same then just as every motor has its limit every writing, musical piece, illustration and film should be recognised as having limitations too.

Secondly machinery is often highly specialised (even the average car is really specialised towards domestic use) so to is most art. For example computer programmers argue extensively on how to make code most easily read but no non-programmer is expected to understand it. Likewise the afore mentioned religious art is only expected to be understandable to adherents of the faith it comes from.

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