Epic of the week 07: Highlander (The One) by Lost Horizon

Title: Highlander (The One)
Band: Lost Horizon
Genre: Power Metal
Length: 12:16

  • Power Metal is often described as being happy but as I find that word is insufficient. A better choice might be “resilient” or “hopeful” with an overall theme of maintaining a positive attitude in dark times.
  • This is the product of a band spending eleven years perfecting their repertoire in live performances before recording anything.
  • This particular song somehow manages to go in every possible direction while somehow maintaining sonic cohesion. Euphoria, anger, disbelief, it is all there with the appropriate music accompaniment.
  • Like all Lost Horizon songs the lyrics are inspired by the film Highlander.
  • My reaction upon first hearing this song was Mission accomplished. There is no point in writing more old school metal songs, we have this.
  • Yes I do think the bands costumes are silly overkill.

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