Epic of the week 06: Lingus by Snarky Puppy

Title: Lingus
Band: Snarky Puppy
Genre: Jazz
Length: 10:43

  • Unlike other “Epic of the week” posts this is a band I have just discovered through a music sharing site I am beta testing.
  • Looking at the bands website and Twitter page they seem to have a substantial fan base and successful career. While Jazz isn’t my favourite genre I am glad to see it is far from dead.
  • The problem I have with Jazz is that I listen mostly to recorded music while most Jazz requires the audience to be physically present. This song does not fall victim to that requirement. It is probably far more enjoyable live but simply listening as I type is enough to get me hyped.
  • Perhaps the distinction here is that the beat is not over complicated? The constant changing of the creates a Euphoric sense of disorientation but that beat prevents my mind from becoming hopelessly lost
  • This is feel good music done right. Rather than beating the audience over the head with platitudes this uses the every element of musicianship to send positive energy straight to the heart.

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