Epic of the week 05: Ray Ray by Fat Freddy’s Drop

Title: Ray Ray
Band: Fat Freddy’s Drop
Genre: Dub
Length: 7:36

  • This song to me presents a perfect mixture of being accessible to the casual listener while also appealing to prog fans like myself. The steady 4/4 beat is catchy but varying the way it is played keeps it interesting, the wide range of instruments and timbres never becomes overwhelming and the song is long enough to (just) break out of the standard pop structure without testing anyone’s patience.
  • I can not emphasise enough how popular this album was when released in 2005. Every shop seemed to play songs from it and teenagers who hadn’t already bought it were begged buy their parents to do so. That actually happened to me.
  • As a New Zealander both the song its self and the music video are dripping in comfortable familiarity. The electronic sounds at 2:50 are reminiscent of native birds, most of visuals might as well have been taken from my own childhood and the musical style just feels correct.

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