N00b mistakes in gaming

The following is a list of dumb mistakes that my brother and I have made over the years. Hopefully some of these will make you laugh.

  • Minecraft: Do not dig directly down.
  • Minecraft: Do not dig directly up.
  • Knights of the old Republic II: Do not use grenades at a point blank range.
  • Team Fortress 2: Do not dance while under heavy fire.
  • Final Fantasy 3(?): When you are told not to attack the Whelk do not attack the Whelk.
  • Elder Scrolls V: Giants are not more afraid of you than you are of them.
  • King’s Quests: Do not walk off of clouds.
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Try to reach at least level 1 before storming the gates of Oblivion.
  • Runescape: Before teleporting ascertain whether you are already at your destination.
  • Team Fotress 2: Shouting ‘Medic!’ will not add a medic to you team.
  • Minecraft: There is no such thing as creeper dungeons.
  • Half Life 2: You can not jump the Fan Boat at low speed.
  • Battle for Wesnoth:It is not strategically sound to choose units according to how cool they are.
  • Half Life 2: Do not slow down to look at the explosions.
  • Knights of the old Republic II: Just because you defeated Darth Nihilus easily doesn’t mean you can take on wild animals.
  • Prop Hunt: There is no point in continuing to hide when under fire.
  • The Sims 3: Sooner or later your Sims have to sleep.
  • Eldritch: Do not charge at invulnerable monsters.

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